Engineering Mechanics MCQ - ubirungia mcq

Engineering Mechanics MCQ – Ubirungia MCQ

Engineering Mechanics MCQ



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#1. When a body of mass moment of inertia I (about a given axis) is rotated about that axis with an angular velocity to, then the kinetic energy of rotation is

Linear velocity = (1/2) * mv”2.

Angular velocity = (1/2) * iw”2.

#2. The force applied on a body of mass 100 kg to produce an acceleration of 5 m/s2, is

Force = mass * acceleration.
F = m x a.

Here, m= 100kg, a=5m/s^2.
So substituting the values we get,
F=100 x 5.
F= 500 kgm/s^2 ~ 500N.

#3. The motion of the body from one extremity to the other is known as a beat.

Only half of the frequency is beat.

#4. The centre of gravity of a rectangle lies at a point where its two diagonals meet each other.

The Centre of gravity always lies at the centroid of the body.

#5. A framed structure is perfect, if the number of members are __________ (2j - 3), where j is the number of joints.

m=2j-3 where j = nos. of binary joints.

Statically, determinant /Perfect /Stable structure. All the members are 2 force members only in the axial direction only, bending, shear and torsion effect is ignored.

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